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AZ-300 - Training - Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

Companion material and resources for the course 'Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies' delivery by Ricardo Cabral

AZ-300 - Training - Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

Training for Microsoft Official Course (MOC) AZ-300 - Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

A NEW VERSION OF THIS EXAM, AZ-303, IS AVAILABLE. The objective domain for AZ-304 is appended below along with a comparison table showing the side by side changes from AZ-300 to AZ-303.

The English version of this exam retired on September 30, 2020. Localized language versions retired on October 30, 2020.

About the course

AZ-300 has six areas of study and there are five Azure Architect courses.

The courses area as follows:

Course Study Areas Exam Weights
AZ-300t01 Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure 20-25%
AZ-300t02 Implementing Workloads and Security 20-25%
AZ-300t03 Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions 5-10%
AZ-300t04 Creating and Deploying Apps 5-10%
AZ-300T05 has been removed/retired (Implementing Authentication and Secure Data) 5-10 %
AZ-300t06 Developing for the Cloud 20-25%

### Azure command-line tools Manage your Azure services and apps using scripts from the command line.

#### Cloud and standalone container

#### Local install


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